A designer modern and stylish look concrete sleeper for those looking to create an outdoor setting that stands out. The Manhattan Stackstone concrete sleeper converts a structural retaining wall into a front or back yard designer feature. They are structurally engineered for retaining walls with 2 x n12 reo bars and filled with precast concrete with a 40mpa rating.

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The Stackstone pattern concrete sleepers are also known by a variety of other names among Australian concrete sleeper manufacturers, including:

  • Stack Stone Kensington Concrete Sleeper
  • Stack Stone Concrete Sleepers
  • Classic Stackstone
  • 'The Grange' Stack Stone Concrete Sleepers
  • 'The Monash' Concrete Sleepers
  • Stacked Stone Impression
  • Stackstone 'Blakeview'
  • 'Hampton' Stone Design
  • 'Slate Stone' Finish
  • Feature Stone

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