20m Agi Pipe 100mm with Sock for Retaining Walls

$117.00 +GST

Introducing our Agi Pipe (Agricultural Drainage Pipe) with Filter Sock, the ultimate solution for efficient water management and soil retention in retaining wall installations.

20m Agi Pipe with Sock for Retaining Walls
20m Agi Pipe 100mm with Sock for Retaining Walls $117.00 +GST
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Why Sunset Sleepers?

Designed with precision and durability in mind, our drainage pipe is specifically engineered to optimise water flow and prevent soil erosion, safeguarding the structural integrity of your retaining walls for years to come.

The incorporation of a high-quality filter sock around the pipe ensures enhanced filtration, effectively keeping sediment and debris out of the system. This unique feature helps maintain optimal water flow while preventing clogging and prolonging the life of the drainage system.

Crafted from top-grade materials, our Agricultural Drainage Pipe with Filter Sock is built to withstand the harshest conditions, providing unrivalled resilience and longevity. Its easy-to-install design allows for seamless integration into your retaining wall project, saving you time and effort during installation.

Say goodbye to water buildup and soil instability around your retaining walls. Upgrade to our Agricultural Drainage Pipe with Filter Sock today and experience unparalleled performance and peace of mind. Invest in the best for your retaining wall installations, and reap the benefits of a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting drainage solution.

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