100-UC-15 : H Channel (100mm) Galvanised Steel Middle Joiner Retaining Wall Post

$35.01$151.71 +GST

Introducing the H-Channel 100mm Galvanised Steel Middle Joiner Post (100-UC-14.8), the ideal solution for supporting the straight middle panels of your concrete sleeper retaining wall. This 100-UC (100mm Universal Column) post is long-lasting and compatible with any 75 to 80mm thick concrete sleepers (or timber sleepers).

This steel post, made of hot-rolled steel and hot-dipped galvanised for long-term protection against weather, fire, and corrosion, is also manufactured to Australian standards AS/NZS 4680

Weighing in at approximately 14.8 kg per metre, the 100mm H-Channel comes in 11 different lengths ranging from 900mm up to 3.9 meters. 

This range also comes in the super heavy-duty 150mm thickness series, which are ideal for 100mm and 120mm thick concrete sleepers

UC 100 14.8 H Channel Galvanised Steel Beam Middle Joiner Post to Support The Middle Panels of a 80mm Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Sunset Sleepers
100-UC-15 : H Channel (100mm) Galvanised Steel Middle Joiner Retaining Wall Post $35.01$151.71 +GST
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Why Sunset Sleepers?


  • Hot-rolled steel
  • Hot-dipped galvanised
  • Manufactured to Australian standards
  • Long lasting protection against weather, fire and corrosion
  • Will not fade, rot, warp or be subject to termites
  • Pre-drilled for fence bracket connection
  • Can be painted to suit the surrounding colour scheme

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Additional information

Material: No selection

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel

Weight KG-M: No selection

14.8 kg/m

Depth (Overall Height): No selection

97.0 mm

Flange Width: No selection

99.0 mm

Flange Thickness: No selection

7.0 mm

Web Thickness: No selection

5.0 mm

Root Radius: No selection

10.0 mm

Depth Between Flanges: No selection



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