All Sunset Sleepers concrete sleepers have 2 x N12 Reo bars accurately placed using patented and engineered Reo support chairs.

These ensure the reinforcement is placed correctly in every Sleeper that leaves the manufacturing facility. 

We can accomodate up to 3 x N12 Reo bars if required.

Engineering Certificate Downloads
Sleepers Size (mm) Max Retained Height (5kPa) Max Retained Height (10kPa) Weight (per unit)
1800 x 200 x 80mm 2800mm 2400mm 72kgs
2000 x 200 x 80mm 2400mm 2200mm 80kgs
2400 x 200 x 80mm 1800mm 1600mm 96kgs
3000 x 200 x 80mm 120kgs
1800 x 200 x 100mm 3600mm 3400mm 90kgs
2000 x 200 x 100mm 3200mm 3000mm 100kgs
2400 x 200 x 100mm 3000mm 2800mm 120kgs
3000 x 200 x 100mm 150kgs
1800 x 200 x 120mm 4500mm 4300mm 108kgs
2000 x 200 x 120mm 4000mm 3800mm 120kgs
2400 x 200 x 120mm 3000mm 2800mm 144kgs
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